Diaman Woodcrafters    

Handcrafted Heirloom Furnishings

What we build...

Our goal is to produce heirloom furniture of exceptional beauty and craftsmanship that your family will enjoy for many generations.  While we appreciate all eras of period furniture the vast majority of the pieces we build are inspired by 18th century and early 19th century designs.

Many of the pieces we build are exact replicas of originals, though we are first and foremost a custom shop.  This means we can work with you to build an original piece inspired by and built in the traditional methods of the 18th century. 

The foundation of the furniture...

The process all starts with the lumber. We work exclusively with several small mills and use only the finest hand selected lumber.  All lumber is bought and stored in sets ensuring that the wood for each piece of furniture comes from the same tree, guaranteeing exceptional color and grain matching. 

Color and grain matching are crucial elements to handling figured lumber, which we use almost exclusively. Some modern power equipment is used, but the bulk of the construction process utilizes the same tools, methods and joinery cabinet makers used in the 18th century.

The process...ball and claw

Surfaces are hand planed or scraped, dovetails are hand cut, legs are hand shaped and decorative details are hand carved.  Though these details are time consuming we feel it is important that the construction techniques are faithful to the period in order to capture the true essence of the piece.  Painstaking efforts are made to keep the pieces as historically accurate as possible right down to the reproduction brasses and forged cut nails.  

Our goal...

Diaman Woodcrafters makes every effort to create a work of art that will satisfy even the most detailed inspection.  Our goal is to create furniture that will not only become a family favorite, but will be passed down from generation to generation with great pride.